The sun has a date with the moon !

The exhibition offers to share with 3 to 6 year olds the wonder of space and to make them aware of our planet in its entirety.Their guide will lead them on a trip around the Earth looking to the Sun and the Moon.

Looking to the sky, the children explore how it is like at daytime and at night: they will have to place the moon, the sun, a plane, a rainbow, the stars in the "right" sky… a way to make their own representations evolve. On their trip to space, the children experience “astro spinning-tops” which represent how the Earth, the Moon and the Sun are rotating on their axis. The children will see how our planet turns throughout the day and how the Sun illuminates the Earth and the Moon.

On board a rocket, they will see the Moon with its different phases, discover the stars from a new angle and the rotation of the planets in the solar system. Let’s start the countdown!



- Arouse the curiosity of children for astronomy.
- Make their representations evolve: the Earth, its Moon and its star, the Sun.
- Give a structure to their perception of time: identify the cyclic characteristic of some phenomena.
- Give a structure to their perception of space: identify objects or moves in space.
- Experience the persistence of space objects when they are out of sight.

No written text in the exhibition = every language possible. The training for the visit is proposed by Cap Sciences’ facilitator after set up time.


Photo Gallery

Rental Conditions

Floor area : 50-70m
Language(s) : French /  English
Total volume : 40m³
Setup time : 1 day
Dismantling time : 1 day
Ceiling : minimum height : 2.00m
Volume storage : 2m³


Valentine Baldacchino
tel : + 33 782 148 539
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