Kif Kif the caliph

The sens of measure

In Kif Kif the Caliph, children from 3 to 6 year olds will meet Kif Kif a much-loved caliph who supports research and experiments. Immersed in his palace, kids are young mathematicians who will have to use their body as an instrument to make every kind of measurement.

Kif Kif the Caliph, invites the children into his palace where they will discover measuring. To enter Kif Kif’s palace by the front door, the children will have to estimate their own height with a mental projection of their size: will they lift the curtain enough to go through the door? Furthermore they will have to find their shoe size by trying different oriental slippers. In the length’s corner, kids will stick a star up to the highest point they can reach and classify snake charmers’ snakes from the smallest to the biggest. Elsewhere in the garden of mosaics, they will discover that they can use their own body as an instrument of measure and will recreate hidden angles. In turn, they will determine the heaviest amphora, and have an experience of their own weight on a huge scale. A first approach in the metric system and without adult tools!



- Use one’s body as an instrument to measure lengths and angles.
- Feel the weight of masses, compare and classify lengths and masses.
- Estimate one’s size, one’s shoe size, a height and to carry out checks then to do measures in the three dimensions of space.

No written text in the exhibition = every language possible. The training for the visit is proposed by Cap Sciences’ facilitator after set up time.


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Rental conditions

Floor area : 50-70m
Language(s) : French /  English
Setup time : 1 day
Dismantling time : 1 day
Ceiling : minimum height 2.00m
Volume storage : 2m³



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