Space Dreams

The incredible story of space !

Space Dreams illustrates key moments in the conquest of space from a new, fresh angle, drawing unprecedented links between Space and Society. The exhibition plunges visitors into a pop-up history book leading from era to era thanks to recreated interiors and historical objects. This is a journey through time and space that each visitor can embark upon at their own pace, whether alone, in a group, or as a family.


4 sets, 4 dreams come true
An immersive and unexpected journey...

The exhibition is structured around 4 major 'space dreams' that have come true and changed the face of history.

The dream of LEAVING EARTH

Each 'dream island' is comprised of:

  • on the inside walls, on the space side: sweeping panoramas of space with cut-out sections for Polaroids and on the Earth side: an indoor set representative of the era (design, décor, objects).
  • in the middle of each dream: an interactive central unit equipped with communication tools of the time.
    Pick up the telephone and hear conversations from the time taken from original soundtracks, watch old news reports on the telly and flick through old newspapers that document the story of space!
  • on the external walls: a trail dedicated to dreams and imaginings expressed through science fiction and literature. A very special moment where parents can reminisce over a work of art or objects that remind them of their childhood. 


Kids’ pen (3-8 years)

In their very own space, younger visitors and their parents will be able to play games that let them demonstrate concepts and build fun and original constructions with a space history theme: Find the 7 errors in the conquest of the moon, Discover the planets with the help of the robots, Rocket-making, Dress like an astronaut.


Large-Scale interactive game: Chronomania

Play with key dates in the history of space adventure! 

Can you put the space events in their correct chronological order?
Challenge other players to a duel using our huge space time line! Put one hundred-odd events in chronological order, from the Galileo mission and the release of Gravity to Gagarin's journey and beyond. A fun, hands-on game that inspires curiosity and encourages debate and discussion among players. (Several difficulty levels available)   


Future dreams

Visitors gather around a massive rocket and are encouraged to share their vision of the future by voting for some incredibly original space dreams: holidaying on a space station, leading a manned flight to Pluto, growing a vegetable patch on Mars, and more! All of the votes combined add up in a gauge that ultimately allows the rocket to virtually take off! 


Exhibition extras

A film made up of archive images that look back on the history of space exploration. This can be screened alongside the exhibition in an auditorium or dedicated room.




• Required surface area: 230/250m2 depending on space layout
• Power supply 230V
• Layout 

8 modules: 
- 1 introductory area
- 4 'Dreams' areas
- 1 'Chronomania' group game area
- 1 'Future Dream' area
- 1 kids’ pen comprised of 4 interactive units
The exhibition is fully modular. 


for the entire family, 3 years and above.  
The exhibition offers different types of workshops suitable for individual visitors and groups as well as school groups. 


• Set-up and disassembly: approx. 35 hours for each stage. 
These times may vary depending on the space's architectural constraints.
• Staff provided by the venue: 2 multi-skilled individuals for the set-up and disassembly stages.
• Technical materials: to be determined depending on the space's technical and architectural constraints.
• Storage: plan for a secure covered location with a surface area of 65m2.
• Rental: contact us. Reduced rates from 6 months of rental.

The exhibition is provided with an educational kit and resources kit as well as a communications kit. 



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