The young explorer of sciences

Only for children from 3 to 6 years old, The young explorer of sciences is an exhibiton full of activities to discover a new environment. Guided by the island keeper, the children explore each area, find and recognize elements in hiding places. The setting throws the explorers into an insular and mysterious landscape, departure of a scientific exploration.

They can discover 5 activity poles which each offer a particular approach of exploration and discovery. The base camp will be the starting point of the adventure which brings the children through the island, its forest, its clearing, its cave, its beaches and observation posts.

Orientation in space, research, observation of the environment, touching, listening, seeing from a distance, looking closely, seeing in the dark: the young explorers will challenge their senses and discover how to use exploration tools and how to have a scientific approach of an unfamiliar environment.



- Use your senses to discover a not very familiar environment.
- Recognize and associate the characteristic elements of a natural environment.
- Make suitable use of the exploration tools.
- Learn how to differentiate living and non living, vegetal and animal…
- Restore observations or discoveries in the small laboratory using the language.

No written text in the exhibition = every language possible. The training for the visit is proposed by Cap Sciences’ facilitator after set up time.

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Rental Conditions

Floor area : 50-70m
Language(s) : French /  English
Setup time : 2 dayss
Dismantling time : 1 day
Ceiling : minimum height 2.50m
Volume storage : 2m³



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tel : + 33 782 148 539
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