24 June 2023 > 03 September 2023

Video games

Experience video games on the original machines!

24 june > 03 sept.
Starting from 7 years old

- Tuesday to Friday: 2 pm-6 pm
- Weekends: 2 pm-7 pm

Full price: €5.50
Reduced price: €4

Cap Sciences

Hangar 20

Map access

From the first game – developed by engineers in their spare time, who were creating controllers to plug into an oscilloscope as a screen – to today’s smartphone touch screens, a few years have passed within the gaming world, only about 50 years!

Fifty years to imagine, invent, and innovate video games, attracting millions of fans worldwide.
Who hasn’t played a video game at least once in their life?

There are many platforms: arcade machines in bars or specialised rooms in the 80s, consoles to plug into the family television, mini-games and portable consoles, “next-generation” consoles, super gamer PCs, tablets, and smartphones… Games are everywhere!

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An exhibition designed and produced by

The Musée Replay

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