The FabLab

Open to members

Every Thursday and Friday from 2 PM to 6 PM

Cap Sciences - Hangar 20

Quai de Bacalan
33300 Bordeaux

The FabLab : the digital manufacturing workshop open to all!

Located in the heart of Cap Sciences, the FabLab is a digital manufacturing workshop that gives you access to laser cutting machines and 3D printers. Work on various materials to manufacture almost anything!

The Cap Sciences FabLab is a permanent space open to all. It is a place of experimentation, exchanges, and meetings where you can manufacture, test, prototype, share your skills and learn cultural mediators and other users.

Discover the laboratory, the machines and the organization, and let your creativity run wild!


Our goal is to enable your technical independence and allow you to feel free to explore and realize your project while supporting you in your creative process.

The location
Our values and missions
The machines

The 100m² FabLab is open to the curious.
You'll find a gallery of projects created here, digital prototyping machines and workspaces.

The Cap Sciences FabLab is a place that shares the values of Web 2.0, open innovation and Do-It-With-Others practices:

  • Open to all, without technical or cultural barriers.
  • Meeting others.
  • Sharing with your peers (but not just them).
  • Autonomy to create and learn.
  • Collaboration and collective intelligence.
  • Learning by doing.
  • Personal development: revealing and harnessing individual potential.


Through the activities carried out at the FabLab, we encourage people to adopt different attitudes:

  • Curiosity: encourage people to discover and challenge them.
  • Creativity: giving free rein to your imagination, generating ideas, dreaming.
  • Design: inventing, refining a project, making it a reality.
  • Construction: making things tangible, prototyping, manufacturing.
  • Confrontation: putting current research and innovation face to face with others, grasping the issues involved.
  • Communication: sharing your approach, your project and your ideas.

At the FabLab, we use digital prototyping machines. They are less dangerous than traditional machine tools because they are controlled by a computer. So they work using code.

Laser cutters: For cutting and engraving on various materials in sheets. Wood, paper, plexiglass, textiles, ....

Trotec Speedy 500: Working area: 1200mm x 700mm...
Trotec Speedy 100: Working area: 600mm x 300mm

3D printers: to give shape to objects by adding plastic. We have 4 3D printers.

Ultimaker 2+ :
Printing volume: (W x D x H) 220mm x 220mm x 200mm

Digital plotter: For cutting self-adhesive vinyl and/or drawing on tarpaulins or rolls of paper.
Also useful for making graphics to stick on textiles with our heat press!

Graphtec CE6000 :
Work surface width: 1200mm

The heat press: Useful as a complement to the digital plotter for transferring vinyl onto textiles.

The electronics bar: This is the workspace for your electronic projects: soldering iron, oscilloscope, programmable power supply, etc. Equipment for assembling your first circuits, as well as consumables for testing your ideas.

Diary, bookings, training course registrations, subscriptions… All the information you need about the FabLab is right here!

The FabLab in pictures...


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