Côté sciences

Côté sciences

13, Avenue Pierre Curie
33270 Floirac

Côté sciences :
A territorial resource center in the field of scientific and technical culture!

Côté Sciences is a local program located in a 400 m² space in the Bordeaux suburb of Floirac, including the lab, the forum, the documentary and computer base. Since September 2009, the program has been extended to the Grand Projet de Villes territory, made up of the four municipalities of Floirac, Cenon, Lormont, and Bassens.

Côté Sciences also organizes and participates in key local events throughout the year, such as Science festivals, neighbourhood events, and Science on Tuesdays.

Côté Sciences develops resources around solid themes related to the local territory and the structuring project of the Parc des Coteaux: awareness of natural spaces in peri-urban areas and the notions of sustainable development. At the same time, Côté Sciences also acts as a relay for other resources developed by Cap Sciences in Science and technology.


Activities for all audiences
School activities

Côté sciences is open to all and offers a range of activities throughout the year:

  • "Les mardis des sciences": (Starting again in October 2023). Every first Tuesday of the month, from 5pm to 7pm, we discuss and experiment with challenging scientific phenomena. Fun workshops on a variety of themes will punctuate these evenings, giving you the chance to discover and marvel! Whether you're on your own or accompanied, young or old, come and enjoy the free workshops!
  • "La nuit des étoiles 2023" (Friday 4 August 2023): Every two years, Côté sciences organises Starry Night in Floirac.

Côté sciences is a local programme based in Floirac that develops a range of activities every year for schools on the Right Bank, including exhibitions and workshops.

The various workshops offered by Côté sciences require online registration, and are reserved primarily for schools in the Entre-deux-Mers, Lormont and Floirac districts. Schools in Floirac, Cenon, Lormont and Bassens have free access to these activities.
Other schools in the district can take part in the activities for a fee of €10 per class for workshops and exhibitions.

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This project is co-financed by the European Union. Europe is committed to Aquitaine with the European Regional Development Fund.

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