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These companies that contribute to the influence of scientific, technical and industrial culture by our side!

Since its creation in June 2010, the Cap Sciences Circle has brought together companies that participate in supporting and developing Cap Sciences to best meet its mission of general interest. These companies consequently contribute to the influence of scientific, technical, and industrial culture.

Supporting Cap Sciences
Joining the circle
Your support rewarded
Membership plans
  • Supporting Cap Sciences is strengthening actions orientated towards the young generation:
    • playful exhibitions, animations, and workshops cantered around sciences and techniques, mobilizing their imagination and their creativity
    • awareness and information for young people in the sectors and professions of business and research (exhibitions on jobs, sponsorship, company visits, etc.).
  • Providing an overview of economic and industrial activities in Aquitaine by:
    • presenting various innovative sectors of activity (exhibitions and thematic events, portraits of financial players, etc.)
    • Circulation of research and innovation news in Aquitaine.
  • Joining the circle is getting involved alongside Cap Sciences to strengthen the presence of science and technology in culture and society and promote research and innovation in the Aquitaine region.
  • Engage in civic action with recognized personalities who work for the greater public good.
  • Share skills and expertise.
  • Transmit passion
  • Your company's support provides compensation
    • Invitations to meetings with other Circle members
    • Free admission to exhibitions and events for your employees
    • The use of Cap Sciences spaces under special conditions
    •  Visibility of your company via our communication media (website, annual activity report, and season program)

Your company can support Cap Sciences by contributing cash or skills.

  • Benefactor member: €5,000

  • Associate member: €2,500

They support us

Air Liquide Ariane group C discount Engie Solvay Suez EDF Safran THALES CEVA UIMM MEDA Inrap

Your contact

Françoise Fournié
Responsable de réseau et de programmation territoriale
La réservation des billets en ligne est FORTEMENT conseillée pour l'exposition Dinosaures ! (Mais aussi pour les autres expositions et ateliers)

Cap Sciences est ouvert le 14 juillet et le 15 août. Je réserve !