Are you already involved in scientific culture? Are you coming from education, institutions, management, and training?

Are you an association, a cultural operator, social commentator?

A company, a professional organization, a tourism operator?

Join the Aquitaine scientific culture network and participate in broadcasting scientific, technical, and industrial culture the territory!



Support joint technical and industrial scientific culture projects through the association of science centres in Nouvelle-Aquitaine (Cap Sciences, Espace Mendès France, Lacq Odyssée, Récréasciences)!



Share experiences, identify your colleagues in the territory, inform you and communicate around all the projects of the network!

Fête de la Science

Fête de la Science

From biodiversity to mathematics to the sciences of the universe, as well as the humanities and social sciences, this event aims to represent all fields of science and to give citizens free access to the world of science

Accompany you...

Scientific culture is not your core business but you want to integrate it into your cultural programming? Organization of conferences, development of a program of scientific culture, search for specific contacts... the network accompanies you!

Contact us and explain your project!
The Cap Sciences network pole will offer you various solutions to help you become a CSTI broadcaster!

If we cannot respond directly to your problem, we will then offer you some solutions and will direct you to other actors more able to accompany you

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Françoise Fournié
Responsable de réseau et de programmation territoriale