Search n'seek

Live on day back in time !

The exhibition Search n’seek offers to children from 3 to 6 the opportunity to experiment archeological excavation techniques and to discover the scientific approach which transforms archeological remains into stories from the past.

Sleeping, washing, playing, eating, learning, every child repeats these activities every day without thinking about it. How was it in the prehistoric, gallo-roman or medieval times? Equiped as an archeologist, the children will excavate half objects from a period of time. With all their discoveries, they will go through the time gate.

After reassociating the half of the object discovered in the ground, the journey will lead the children to discover how their ancestors lived and how they used all the objects in their everyday life. They will learn more about children in ancient times and discover a family, a house, an environment… children like them!

3 time periods are available for the interpretation area. You can choose among the following : Prehistory, Antiquity and the Middle-Ages.


- Discover objects from the past and understand their use and the way they function.
- Identify moments of living in the past, compare them with the present time, situate themselves in time: situate themselves in the chronological events of the day, make the difference between events from ancient times, from the near past and actual time.
- Situate themselves in space and on a simple plan.
- Gain knowledge of the archeologist tools and works.

No written text in the exhibition = every language possible. The training for the visit is proposed by Cap Sciences’ facilitator after set up time


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Rental Conditions

Floor area : 50-70m
Language(s) : French /  English
Total volume : 40m³
Setup time : 1 day
Dismantling time : 1 day
Ceiling : minimum height 2.00m
Volume storage : 2m³



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